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Earthquake Resistance Structures  Design


Earthquake Resistance design project is one of the most difficult projects in IIEES that consumes a great time and effort and I thinks students should commence it as soon as possible. This is a sample solved project for E.Q. Resistance Design. As you know Dr. Nateghi Elahi is the professor of this course and he ask his students to do design a specified structure using different bearing systems and materials as concrete or steel structures.

This project is a 17 story steel structure which is designed in three different methods:

1. Moment resistance frame (MRF) in both directions

2. MRF in one direction and Centric braced frame (CBF) in other one.

3. Eccentric Braced Frame in both directions (EBF)


Project of Earthquake Resistance Design Report

Format: PDF

Pages: 136

Size: 1.15MB


Resistance Design Project Detailed Drawings in AutoCAD

Format: DWG - AutoCAD 2004

Pages: 14 A1 Sheets

Size: 891KB

Earthquake Resistance Design Project Drawings in AutoCAD



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