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Safety Recommendations During an Earthquake



Safety recommendations during an earthquake at home

If you are at home during an earthquake you can save your own and your relatives life with having awareness about shelter taking and performing suitable and quick reaction, therefore it is necessary to observe following points:

-Get away from windows and tall free-standing cabinets and objects that might fall on you.

-You should take shelter under the tables and desk or bed and if they move because of earthquake’s shaking, keep firmly their legs with your hands.

-You should also take shelter beside wall’s corners and cover your head with your arms and move with them.

-Don’t use stairs and elevator.

-If there is no safe place and you are in corridor go beside a wall and lean your head over your knees in sitting form,and cover it with your arms and fasten you palm together in back of the head.

Safety recommendations during an earthquake in official buildings

During an earthquake, if you are in department by remembering safety educations and by their help you can try to save your own and your cooperators life. The employees should know that in these times:

They should have self-confidence and keep their calmness.

They should get away from windows and files that aren’t fastened in their places.

They must get away from electrical supplies that might move, fall and throw on them.

They should get away from flammable and dangerous supplies.

They shouldn’t rush toward public and exits.

They shouldn’t use stairs and elevator.

Also, they should take shelter quickly at safe places of building such as door’s frame and under working table.


Safety recommendations duing an earthquake at schools

If you are at schools and at education center during an earthquake, perform the best and the most suitable reactions as soon as possible, with keeping calmness and applying safety recommendations.

-Before everything keep calm, the fear and harror reduce your quickness and honestly, then do the safety points with self-confidence. Also invite others to calmness and doing these points.

-As soon as you feel earthquake’s occurring, as much as possible if you are in single-story building and close to the exit door, exit and go leave the building outside immediately (the building).

-If during an earthquake you are in high-rise building don’t try to go out from it by using stairs and elevators.

- In class, whereas all people can not go out from exits together and at the same time, even by rushing toward doors people may damage each other. So, you should select safe place inside building and take shelter there until the shaking stops, and for selecting safety points follow below directions.

- Get away from windows and French doors

-Get away from objects that might fall and throw on you

-Under the table is safe place for shelter taking, take shelter under your desk in class and keep firmly the legs of table with hands, and prevent from its moving. The middle of door’s frame is a suitable place for taking shelter taking, take the door’s frame firmly with one hand and with other one, be careful for being closed of the doors if you have not access to desk or door’s frame and you are in the place like corridor get away from objects that might fall on you, go near the wall or sit beside it lean your head over your knees and cover it with your arms and fasten your palms to each other in back of your head.

-If you are in library, laboratory and workshops and you couldn’t exit because of the crowd in front of the door, get away from shelves and find a shelter.

-If you were in the stairway during an earthquake, don’t run up and down, sit and cover your head and neck with your hands.

-If you are at school’s yard take distance from building, wall, land’s speculation masts and basket in Basketball play.

(Source: IIEES website)





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