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Vojoudi.com is an engineering site that tries to present topics related to civil engineering and specially earthquake engineering.

 I am Mehdi Vojoudi, a civil engineer from the University of Tehran and now I am studying earthquake engineering in IIEES (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology).


You are all welcome to this site and I wish my site becomes interested for you. Please don't hesitate to email your suggestions about my site and other topics related to my field.

My e-mail address : Info@Vojoudi.com

I suggest Persian visitors to check the Persian version for more information.

At the moment I am working on BioNET project which is a part of Earthquake Hazards Reduction Society of Iran NGO.





Corpse or Debris?

Management Disaster in Bam Earthquake

What is new?

Site Structure and arrangement changed totally in order to provide user friendly interface to visitors. New sections as Announcement and links are lunched under Persian version but I don't think I can add it in English version.

Date : April 18th 2004

Public Earthquake Learning section was launched to increase public sense of earthquake related topics.

Date : January 1st 2004

Reports of Iranian Earthquakes section is launched

Date : January 1st 2004

In IIEES Documents section you can find samples of final examinations and pedagogical projects of students in International Institution of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology.

Date : 23 November 2003

e-Learning of Civil Engineering for Iranian students are added to site.

Date : 22 June 2003


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