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Earthquake is not Dangerous, We Make it Disaster


EARTHQUAKE a shaking or trembling of the crust of the earth, caused by underground volcanic forces or by breaking and shifting of rock beneath the surface.

Earthquakes are caused by the abrupt release of stored energy within the earth's crust. These sudden fractions occur when stresses build up to the breaking point of the breaking point of the rocks miles beneath the surface in fault zones.

In an earthquake, the actual movement of the ground is seldom the direct cause of death or injury. Most casualties result from falling objects and debris from buildings or other structures, which are damaged or demolished by the earthquake.

Earthquakes also can trigger landslides, cause fires and flooding and generate massive ocean waves called tsunamis.


(from St. Charles County Division of Emergency Management website)


Earthquake Preparedness

Knowing what to do before, during and after an earthquake can reduce the risk of injury and loss to people who live in seismic zones.

Because our country is at moderate to high risk from earthquake and we face with major or small earthquakes every year in all regions of our country, then we should be prepared to do the best reaction in the time of earthquake.

Planning and preparing against the earthquake, will reduce the loss of life, property and phisycal or psychological injuries in a great scale.

(From IIEES web Site)

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